Are You Strong Enough to Be Meek?
By the late Father Kilian McGowan, C.P.

What's wrong with meekness? Is the meek man a Milquetoast who is
too spineless and weak-kneed to face up to the battle of life?
This is the false face of meekness spread by our TV and modern
novels. Life to them is an "asphalt jungle" where every
difference is settled by a six-gun or a pair of fists.
Strength is equated with violence and brutality.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The meek man has the
courage of the martyrs, the reverence of the poet, and the
patience of a saint in his make-up. Meekness is the son of
self-conquest and father of self-control. The meek man has
studied hard in the school of Christ Crucified, who was meek and
humble of heart.

You don't really need a show of force, or external bluster, or a
display of self-righteousness to overwhelm those who do you wrong.
You must overcome your enemies with the force of the divine life
that flows in and through you. You must conquer the world-and
your enemies-with the love of Christ.

Have you noticed that the most excessive demands always seem
to be made on you when you're at your physical or nervous worst?
Remember that our Lord rebuked His apostles for trying to spare
Him from the thoughtless crowds that pressed about Him following
an exhausting apostolic day: "Suffer the little children to come
unto me and forbid them not," He commanded them.

What do you do when insulted or rejected by otherwise good
people? Perhaps even by those you love? Recall what Christ said
to the Apostles who wanted to rain down fires from heaven on the
cities that refused Him entrance. He warned them that they knew
not of what spirit they were. (Luke 19:55).

What happens when a trusted confidant or friend betrays you in
speech or action? Peter, who swore he would go to the death with
the Savior, betrayed Him in His hour of greatest need. Yet
Christ's only rebuke was a look of infinite tenderness and meek
forgiveness. Was it any wonder that this look brought tears of
immediate repentance?

The truth is that even a little meekness takes a lot of strength.
Now, more than ever, the world filled with so much violence needs
truly meek men. The times call for the manliness of meekness
more than the false courage of violence and uncontrolled anger.
We need the self-conquest of meekness more than the
self-centeredness of hate and brutality. We need the meekness
and humility of Christ.

Helps to Meekness:

1-Reverence every other person, regardless of race, color of
skin, or religious background, as a child of God and a potential

2-Compassionate with the weaknesses and faults of others no matter
how vicious and mean. Begin at home, remembering that no once can
hurt you when you are truly meek.

3-When your best efforts are unappreciated, or your wise counsel
is ignored, go your way in peace. Prayer is another tool of
meekness that heals and wins souls after words and actions have

Finally, pray for the courage to be meek. And remember that
there's no victory that is sweeter than the conquest of self!