January 2, 2010


Lino & Vicky Carmona Violeta Angara Guadalupe Salazar Florie Nilayan
Tony & Josie Bautista Rosie Evangelista Magdalena Salazar Terry Padua
Joe & Fe Gavilan Barsilisa de Guzman Lydia Pavia

Call to Order

In the absence of the President, Nila Gonzales, the Executive Vice President, Vicky Carmona, presided over the meeting. In the absence of Reynie Lopez, Asst. Secretary, Joe suggested that somebody act as secretary to take notes and Terry Padua was eyed to do it, so she did. It was agreed that a quorum existed, so the meeting proceeded with the order of business.

The first topic of discussion was the resignation of Nila Gonzales as President of DOLMA. According to Joe Nila’s reason for the resignation is that she’s busy and so cannot attend to her duties effectively. Tony Bautista argued that he did not know of this resignation until Josie told him just then. After some lengthy discussion and even with Lydia Pavia’s relating her conversation with Nila as to her decision to resign, the body refused to accept her resignation. As only a few people received her letter of resignation sent thru email, Dra. Angara proposed that she either attend the meeting in person and tender her resignation or send a formal letter of resignation in writing. Joe Gavilan suggested that since the body refused to accept the resignation that she remain President “on leave”, with Vicky Carmona taking over her responsibilities.

Treasurer’s Report indicated that DOLMA’s Fund to date is $1,712.29 and though it is solvent, it needs to be refilled. The Feast of Our Lady of Manaoag will be on April 24 and monies are needed to defray expenses for the occasion.

Fund raising was discussed and it was agreed that we do again the Ms. Mayflower contest. Five candidates are needed and all members are urged to help in the search for possible candidates, ages 4-12. Flory Nilayan said she’ll find one in Indiana. Suggestions were made to call Sofie del Rosario, Mila Nano, Lucy Bantog, Renee Foronda and Pete Rosal for their grandchildren to participate in this fundraising. Lydia Pavia proposed, and everybody present agreed, that a souvenir program be made in order to raise more money. The candidate with the highest vote will present a garland of flowers to Our Lady of Manaoag. The Miss Mayflower will be crowned, sashes and gifts will be given to all the candidates on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Novena and Feast Day of Our Lady of Manaoag

Novena starts April 15, ending in April 23. Feast Day will be on the 24th. Novena hours will be 7:00 PM on weekdays and 4:00 PM on weekends. As before, guest(s) will be invited to lead the novena. Dra. Angara is opposed to the idea of getting sponsors as it connotes soliciting donations from these sponsors. The leaders of the novena will be the ones to offer the gifts at the masses after the novena. Dra. Angara suggested that if we are to invite people to offer the gifts, other than the people who will lead the novena, that we don’t use the word “Sponsor”. To this motion, everybody agreed.

Fellowship after the novena and mass

Dra. Violeta Angara proposed that finger foods, cookies and/or sandwiches, with coffee, softdrinks and/or water will be served for the fellowship to make it simple and easier for the food groups to prepare. After some discussion, it was eventually approved. Speaking of food groups, it was noted that there seems to be some disparity in the number of members in the groupings. It was agreed that it will be studied and rectified at the next meeting. It will be pot luck on the last day of the novena and on the Feast Day. Only on the Feast Day will the group splurge on the food preparation.

It was also noted that there’s a need to update the List of DOLMA members, as some addresses and telephone numbers have been changed.


Dra. Angara suggested a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin sometime in February or March. It will only be a day, no overnight. We hire a bus to accommodate everybody in one transport. She will look into the details of this trip, as well as on other pilgrimages that the group may be interested in, which she will report at the meeting in February.

There being no other business to transact, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Prepared by:

Terry Padua

Report from St Hedwig Parish Pastoral Council
By: Nini Centeno - Chairman

1. CATHOLIC WELCOME HOME - Fr. Stan briefly reported the projects that the parish initiated in line with the Archdiocese’s Catholic Welcome Home program. Here are the following steps that were undertaken by the parish.

a. Sign was put up at the upper part of the main door of the church.
b. Banners regarding our mass schedule were hanged at the entrance gate of the church.
c. Ushers were called to a meeting for briefing and for formation of the procedures for a better “ushering”. An identification sash was implemented for their identity and for security purposes regarding the mass collections.

2. ADVENT CELEBRATION - In line with the Pastoral Plan, here are the projects initiated to make our Advent celebration meaningful inclusive of all ethnic groups and level of ages.

a. Advent Play - CCD students performed a play which is a story of the birth of Jesus. The purpose of this play was to let the children understand the real and deeper meaning of Christmas because the world has been very much concerned with material wealth and possessions at the expense of spiritual.
b. Children’s Choir – this project gave Maryna Shutovich, the chance to develop the children’s singing skills and eventually prepare for a future children’s choir in our church. The time of working together and the friendships that evolved during the preparation for advent gave the children more self-awareness than a day spent in the classroom. Children were so involved as well as their parents.
c. Children’s Mass – Though it was the first time to implement this mass, the outcome was very positive. It was well attended and parents/grandparents as well as other relatives were so enthusiastic to see the children. It was a wonderful liturgy and plans would be underway to improve its celebration/participation in the future.

3. Kindermusic - music students also participated during the children’s mass. Children playing musical instruments performed delightfully. More enrollment into the program is anticipated for next year.

4. Youth Retreat – by Fr. Tom, Katie and Nell
Fr Tom reported that at least 50 students had attended the retreat. It started with a mass at 11 am and finished at past 4 pm. The youth were so touched with the experience which ended with confessions. Programs for the youth would continue every week with a possible Lenten Retreat and a Summer Camp. Some of the testimonies of young students were so touching and inspiring.

5. Other Matters: The Parish Pastoral Council is in full force in implementing the PASTOR’S PASTORAL PLAN which he has launched at the beginning of summer of 2009. The following are projects so far initiated and ongoing:

a. Altar Servers – Altar Servers are meeting every Saturday at 1 pm then followed by Basketball Practice. After the basketball season, Volleyball will take place.

b. Fall Theology – Fr. Gene Szarek, CR successfully led the sessions on Fall Theology, which are talks and discussions on the word of God. It was well attended. From its attendance and participation, it was learned that there are parishioners who are interested to listen on lectures about the bible. As requested by some parishioners, there would be another session on Advent Theology.

c. Thanksgiving Mass/Dinner – there were at least 90 parishioners who attended the mass and the dinner. Many responded. The goal of this project was to remember those who are “alone” in their houses and who have nobody to celebrate the occasion with.

d. Ministries to be created next year – Discussions about this would be for the next meeting.

1. Children of Fatima
2. St Joseph, the Carpenter

Dolma, being a part of the Parish, has to know the activities and the plans. If you wish to join or if your children/grandchildren would like to join, please contact Nini for information.

We are in need of Cantors, Lectors and Choir Members. If you are interested, please again, contact Nini.