Social Activities

In a meaningful and simple ceremony the new set of DOLMA
officers for 2010 - 2012 will gather after mass in rows at the foot
of the altar to recite a pledge to Our Lady of Manaoag as well as to
the DOLMA membership to lead the organization with faith and
confidence and to serve with love and understanding.
The ceremony concludes with the officers being blessed
by the Pastor.

For further information, call Guadalupe Salazar, 773.889.7102 or
Nini Centeno, 847.644.6547.

St. Hedwig Church
October 2, 2010
5 p.m.

January 2, 2010


Lino & Vicky Carmona Violeta Angara Guadalupe Salazar Florie Nilayan
Tony & Josie Bautista Rosie Evangelista Magdalena Salazar Terry Padua
Joe & Fe Gavilan Barsilisa de Guzman Lydia Pavia

Call to Order

In the absence of the President, Nila Gonzales, the Executive Vice President, Vicky Carmona, presided over the meeting. In the absence of Reynie Lopez, Asst. Secretary, Joe suggested that somebody act as secretary to take notes and Terry Padua was eyed to do it, so she did. It was agreed that a quorum existed, so the meeting proceeded with the order of business.

The first topic of discussion was the resignation of Nila Gonzales as President of DOLMA. According to Joe Nila’s reason for the resignation is that she’s busy and so cannot attend to her duties effectively. Tony Bautista argued that he did not know of this resignation until Josie told him just then. After some lengthy discussion and even with Lydia Pavia’s relating her conversation with Nila as to her decision to resign, the body refused to accept her resignation. As only a few people received her letter of resignation sent thru email, Dra. Angara proposed that she either attend the meeting in person and tender her resignation or send a formal letter of resignation in writing. Joe Gavilan suggested that since the body refused to accept the resignation that she remain President “on leave”, with Vicky Carmona taking over her responsibilities.

Treasurer’s Report indicated that DOLMA’s Fund to date is $1,712.29 and though it is solvent, it needs to be refilled. The Feast of Our Lady of Manaoag will be on April 24 and monies are needed to defray expenses for the occasion.

Fund raising was discussed and it was agreed that we do again the Ms. Mayflower contest. Five candidates are needed and all members are urged to help in the search for possible candidates, ages 4-12. Flory Nilayan said she’ll find one in Indiana. Suggestions were made to call Sofie del Rosario, Mila Nano, Lucy Bantog, Renee Foronda and Pete Rosal for their grandchildren to participate in this fundraising. Lydia Pavia proposed, and everybody present agreed, that a souvenir program be made in order to raise more money. The candidate with the highest vote will present a garland of flowers to Our Lady of Manaoag. The Miss Mayflower will be crowned, sashes and gifts will be given to all the candidates on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Novena and Feast Day of Our Lady of Manaoag

Novena starts April 15, ending in April 23. Feast Day will be on the 24th. Novena hours will be 7:00 PM on weekdays and 4:00 PM on weekends. As before, guest(s) will be invited to lead the novena. Dra. Angara is opposed to the idea of getting sponsors as it connotes soliciting donations from these sponsors. The leaders of the novena will be the ones to offer the gifts at the masses after the novena. Dra. Angara suggested that if we are to invite people to offer the gifts, other than the people who will lead the novena, that we don’t use the word “Sponsor”. To this motion, everybody agreed.

Fellowship after the novena and mass

Dra. Violeta Angara proposed that finger foods, cookies and/or sandwiches, with coffee, softdrinks and/or water will be served for the fellowship to make it simple and easier for the food groups to prepare. After some discussion, it was eventually approved. Speaking of food groups, it was noted that there seems to be some disparity in the number of members in the groupings. It was agreed that it will be studied and rectified at the next meeting. It will be pot luck on the last day of the novena and on the Feast Day. Only on the Feast Day will the group splurge on the food preparation.

It was also noted that there’s a need to update the List of DOLMA members, as some addresses and telephone numbers have been changed.


Dra. Angara suggested a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin sometime in February or March. It will only be a day, no overnight. We hire a bus to accommodate everybody in one transport. She will look into the details of this trip, as well as on other pilgrimages that the group may be interested in, which she will report at the meeting in February.

There being no other business to transact, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Prepared by:

Terry Padua

Report from St Hedwig Parish Pastoral Council
By: Nini Centeno - Chairman

1. CATHOLIC WELCOME HOME - Fr. Stan briefly reported the projects that the parish initiated in line with the Archdiocese’s Catholic Welcome Home program. Here are the following steps that were undertaken by the parish.

a. Sign was put up at the upper part of the main door of the church.
b. Banners regarding our mass schedule were hanged at the entrance gate of the church.
c. Ushers were called to a meeting for briefing and for formation of the procedures for a better “ushering”. An identification sash was implemented for their identity and for security purposes regarding the mass collections.

2. ADVENT CELEBRATION - In line with the Pastoral Plan, here are the projects initiated to make our Advent celebration meaningful inclusive of all ethnic groups and level of ages.

a. Advent Play - CCD students performed a play which is a story of the birth of Jesus. The purpose of this play was to let the children understand the real and deeper meaning of Christmas because the world has been very much concerned with material wealth and possessions at the expense of spiritual.
b. Children’s Choir – this project gave Maryna Shutovich, the chance to develop the children’s singing skills and eventually prepare for a future children’s choir in our church. The time of working together and the friendships that evolved during the preparation for advent gave the children more self-awareness than a day spent in the classroom. Children were so involved as well as their parents.
c. Children’s Mass – Though it was the first time to implement this mass, the outcome was very positive. It was well attended and parents/grandparents as well as other relatives were so enthusiastic to see the children. It was a wonderful liturgy and plans would be underway to improve its celebration/participation in the future.

3. Kindermusic - music students also participated during the children’s mass. Children playing musical instruments performed delightfully. More enrollment into the program is anticipated for next year.

4. Youth Retreat – by Fr. Tom, Katie and Nell
Fr Tom reported that at least 50 students had attended the retreat. It started with a mass at 11 am and finished at past 4 pm. The youth were so touched with the experience which ended with confessions. Programs for the youth would continue every week with a possible Lenten Retreat and a Summer Camp. Some of the testimonies of young students were so touching and inspiring.

5. Other Matters: The Parish Pastoral Council is in full force in implementing the PASTOR’S PASTORAL PLAN which he has launched at the beginning of summer of 2009. The following are projects so far initiated and ongoing:

a. Altar Servers – Altar Servers are meeting every Saturday at 1 pm then followed by Basketball Practice. After the basketball season, Volleyball will take place.

b. Fall Theology – Fr. Gene Szarek, CR successfully led the sessions on Fall Theology, which are talks and discussions on the word of God. It was well attended. From its attendance and participation, it was learned that there are parishioners who are interested to listen on lectures about the bible. As requested by some parishioners, there would be another session on Advent Theology.

c. Thanksgiving Mass/Dinner – there were at least 90 parishioners who attended the mass and the dinner. Many responded. The goal of this project was to remember those who are “alone” in their houses and who have nobody to celebrate the occasion with.

d. Ministries to be created next year – Discussions about this would be for the next meeting.

1. Children of Fatima
2. St Joseph, the Carpenter

Dolma, being a part of the Parish, has to know the activities and the plans. If you wish to join or if your children/grandchildren would like to join, please contact Nini for information.

We are in need of Cantors, Lectors and Choir Members. If you are interested, please again, contact Nini.

February 6, 2010

Tony & Josie Bautista Barsilia De Guzman Rosie Evangelista Magdalena Salazar
Butch & Nini Centeno Guadalupe Salazar Reynie Lopez Ofelia Bonifacio
Sofie & Rudy Del Rosario Lino & Vicky Carmona Terry Padua Violeta Angara

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 P.M.

Dr. Violeta Angara led the opening prayer…..
Come, Holy Spirit
Replace the tension within us with a holy relaxation.
Replace the turbulence within us with a sacred calm
Replace anxiety within us with a quiet confidence.
Replace the fear within us with a strong faith.
Replace the bitterness within us with the sweetness of grace.
Replace the darkness within us with a gentle light.
Replace the coldness within us with loving warmth.
Replace the night within us with your light.
Straighten our crookedness.
Fill our emptiness.
Dull the edge of our pride.
Sharpen the edge of our humility.
Light the fires of our love.
Quench the flames of our lust.
Let us see ourselves as You see us
That we may see You as You have promised.
And be fortunate according to Your word:
Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God…

Resignation Letter received from President Nila Gonzales was read and acknowledged – In lieu of the acknowledgment, Vicky Carmona, Executive Vice President will now assume the presidential responsibility.

Copies of the meeting agenda were distributed. The meeting continued with the discussion of each item on the agenda.

Candidates for the May Flower fund raising: so far there are only 2 potential candidates for the May Flower festival celebration. If you know of someone who would like to participate on this event, please contact Vicky Carmona or Nini Centeno. We would need at least 5 girl participants for this event – the more the merrier.

Souvenir Program – Lydia Pavia will be handling the details.

Nine Day Novena Leaders/Sponsors: The following dates are booked for the following group:
1st day – Thursday, April 15th = c/o Lourdes Shershen, Our Lady of Victory
2nd day – Friday, April 16th = Florie Nilayan
3rd day – Saturday, April 17th = c/o Vicky Carmona, St. Cyprian
4th day – Sunday, April 18th = c/o Amelita Joson, Legion of Mary – Our Lady of Ransom
5th day – Monday, April 19th = c/o Imelda Amponin & Bella McGreevy
6th day – Tuesday, April 20th = c/o Luz Ong, Society of Beloved Disciple of St. Mathias
7th day – Wednesday, April 21st = c/o Bing Marcelino from Our Lady of Lords
8th day – Thursday, April 22nd = PENDING
9th day – Friday, April 23rd = c/o Gloria Limos, St. Gregory
- Members are requested to invite leaders/sponsors on the unfilled dates – April 16th, & April 22nd.
- It was requested by Nini Centeno to re-consider the “sponsorship” of the Novena days to raise funds for the event. It was passed through Dr. Violeta Angara who promised to discuss at the meeting.

Pilgrimage update: Dr. Violeta Angara has presented the pilgrim services for the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Since majority of the members were interested and agreed with plans, Rosie Evangelista will contact a charter bus company to inquire on the possible costs of a tour bus services and if all feasible, the date will set to be on Saturday, May 15th, please mark your calendar everyone are welcome and also invite your families and friends to join us on this pilgrimage so that we can easily meet the number of seats required on the bus. Details & updates will follow next meeting.

Treasurer’s report:
DOLMA’s funds balance on hand = $1832.29 + $330.00 for deposits - received from block rosary donations.

Food Group Assignments for the Nine Day Novena:
1. Apr. 15th – Group 5 – Jun/Margie Vasquez, Rudy/Sofie Del Rosario, Lino/Vicky Carmona
2. Apr. 16th – Group 8 – Tamondong family
3. Apr. 17th – Group 3 – Butch/Nini Centeno
4. Apr. 18th – Group 4 – Dom/Terry Padua
5. Apr. 19th – Group 2 – Santi/Rosie Evangelista, Violeta Angara
6. Apr. 20th – Group 6 – Salazar family
7. Apr. 21st – Group 1 – Tony/Josie Bautista
8. Apr. 22nd – Group 7 – Joe/Fe Gavilan, Flory Nilayan
9. Apr. 23rd – All Groups potluck
“It was decided that we will serve dinner food and not finger food”

Food Group Assignments for the April 24th Feast Day Celebration:
• Group 1 – Arozcaldo + fresh fruits
• Group 2 – Pancit + puto
• Group 3 – Chicken + kutsinta
• Group 4 – Menudo + bibingka
• Group 5 – Pancit + banana bread
• Group 6 – Menudo + bibingka
• Group 7 – Arozcaldo
• Group 8 – Chicken + brazo
Each group must bring 1 case of bottled water + 2x 2 liters of soda

Block Rosary issues: Due to some difficult situations & or conflicting schedules, most groups are slimming down on members; therefore the monthly schedule will be shifted fitting on group’s accessibility to the location of the hosting family. Terry Padua will be sending out notice to the group leader of your scheduled month.

St. Hedwig PPC updates:
1. The Lenten Theological Series with Fr. Gene Szarek, C.R. will start on Monday evenings from 7:45 to 8:30 pm “5 sessions” on the following dates – 02/22, 03/01, 03/08, 03/15, & 03/29. All are invited to attend.
2. New Members of Parish Pastoral Members- representing DOLMA and the Filipino Community.
a. Dr. Violeta Angara b. Teresita S. Padua
3. Carnival – St Hedwig Parish – June 25, 26, 27 (3 days) – all the ministries at St Hedwig are being encouraged to have a booth. It is the biggest fundraiser that the church will undergo this year. Proceeds of this event will go to the different Pastoral Ministries of the Parish.
4. New Ministry for young girls – Children of Fatima – this ministry is for young girls/boys up to teenage level. Goal is to teach them the Blessed Virgin’s life, the Catholic morality as well as the values based on the Blessed Virgin’s life. This will guide the children to do what is morally right and wrong. It would touch also the topics like abortion and pre-marital sex. So if you have grandchildren, children of these ages, please do not hesitate to encourage them to join. There is no fee to join. The only requirement is to wear white and attend the mass and rosary on First Saturday of each month. For details, please call Nini Centeno.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M.

Prepared by: Attested by:

Reynie Lopez Vicky Carmona
Reynie Lopez Vicky Carmona
Assistant Secretary President

March 6, 2010

Tony & Josie Bautista Rosie Evangelista Magdalena Salazar Ely Soriano
Florie & Edgar Nilayan Reynie Lopez Ofelia Bonifacio Rose Soriano
Lino & Vicky Carmona Candy Tamondong Violeta Angara Lily Angara
Joe & Fe Gavilan Nini Centeno Emerenciana Tamondong Terry Padua

The meeting was called to order at 6:55 P.M.

Magdalena Salazar led the opening prayer…..

Thank you note received from David Elementary School Mangaldan, Pangasinan for the contribution that was collected from DOLMA members.

Copies of the meeting agenda were distributed. The meeting continued with the discussion of each item on the agenda.

• Nine Day Novena Leaders/Sponsors have been completely filled.
• May Flower Candidates:
1. Shayla Isada – daughter of Carlito & Sherry Ann Isada
2. Lorraine Cesario – daughter of Allan & Lorina Cesario
3. Jocelyn Terese M. Bettarelli – daughter of Mr & Mrs Betarelli
4. Bianca Joaquin – daughter of Jake & Cecile Joaquin
5. Maria Carmela Dominguez – daughter of Pat Dominguez
1st and final canvassing will complete on Saturday, April 17th after mass.

• Souvenir program – canceled due to insufficient time.
• Block Rosary – Terry Padua passed out schedule of the group’s monthly assignment.
• Website updates – still to be developed
• A full day pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin – agreed for May 15th Joe Gavilan made a motion to accept and seconded by Florie Nilayan. The cost per person is calculated to be $40 to $45 the bus size accommodates 40 – 50 people – it will be release to St. Hedwig parishioners. The departure time still to be set.

Treasurer’s report:
DOLMA’s bank balance as of March 2010 = $1162.29


• Feast Day Celebration:
o Procession - will begin @ exactly 4:00 pm – Joe Gavilan, Dr. Tony Bautista & Jun Vazquez will be in charge of the procession
o Coronation of Our Lady of Manaoag will follow immediately right after the procession so children should start lining up by the entrance of the church for the flower offering then the candidates to follow.
o Mass – Guada Salazar will be in charge of the liturgy
o Reception & program – emcee was previously assigned to Lorraine Carmona, daughter of Lino & Vicky Carmona, however due to prior engagement, she’s unable to emcee.


Food to serve on the April 24th Feast Day Celebration:
• Group 1 – Arozcaldo + fresh fruits – c/o Tony & Josie Bautista
• Group 2 – Pancit + puto – c/o Rosie Evangelista
• Group 3 – Lechon – whole lechon will be donated by Butch & Nini Centeno
• Group 4 – Menudo + bibingka – c/o Terry Padua
• Group 5 – Pancit + banana bread – c/o Vicky Carmona
• Group 6 – Menudo + bibingka – c/o Salazar family
• Group 7 – Arozcaldo – c/o Joe & Fe Gavilan
• Group 8 – Chicken + brazo – c/o Tamondong family

Each group must bring 1 case of bottled water + 2x 2 liters of soda & rice

No further business to discuss – meeting adjourned at 9:05 P.M.

Prepared by: Attested by:

Reynie Lopez Vicky Carmona
Reynie Lopez Vicky Carmona
Assistant Secretary President

St Hedwig Parish Pastoral Council Report:

1. The Parish launched a plan to have a Carnival on June 25, 26, 27 (3 days). Fr. Stan, our Pastor, encourages each ethnic group to have a food booth and be decorated with ethnic motif. He was excited to see the cultural presentations through our booths. DOLMA is expected to participate and decorate the Filipino Food Booth. Somebody suggested that we make a nipa hut as our booth. We would like to request everybody to pitch in their ideas and opinions.
2. Dr. Violeta Angara is leading an exhibit to be shown on April 25th, just a day after our Feast Day. It is the Eucharistic Miracle Exhibits. Please support this project - it is not only very educational project but it encourages us to increase our devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. These pictures and stories are authenticated by the Vatican. In fact, these materials came from the Vatican Museum. (I am very thankful to Dr. Violeta Angara for her contribution to the Parish Pastoral Council in spite of her new status as a member. Please note that we are representing Filipino Community in this Council. There is an on going battle of ideas in the Council and Filipinos earned respect from the members themselves... Please support us because what we do is for the legacy we have to leave behind in this parish.

June 5, 2010

Vicky Carmona Guadalupe Salazar Magdalena Salazar
Reynie Lopez Violeta Angara Lily Angara
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.

Copies of the agenda were distributed for discussion. The meeting continued with the discussion of each item on the agenda.

OLD Business:
• St. Hedwig Church Carnival, June 25th to June 27th: if you have free time and able to volunteer on any of these dates please contact Terry Padua. There will be a Food Concession for Filipino foods (Fried Rice, BBQ, & Eggroll)
• DOLMA picnic and Election of new officers:
o Bunker Hill – Vicky Carmona will contact Mr. Magat to reserve a cool place for the picnic
o July 17th from 11:00 am till dusk
o Bring food and beverages to share
o Bring folding chairs & table too if you own portables
o Bring mahjong, playing cards, bingo and or any other games you can think of for fun

Treasurer’s Report:
Copies of the financial report were distributed
Bank balance as of May 31, 2010 = $1,391.49

Other matter:
• Dr. Violeta Angara suggested that DOLMA should build up more on Religious involvement & development – for example
o Bible Study – possibly once a month on the 2nd or 3rd Saturdays (place TBD)
o Retreats
o Pilgrimage
• It is suggested to communicate and pass survey to all DOLMA members to choose or suggest ideal religious experience.
• We need to update our membership listing to make sure we have current contact information in our system such as address, phone numbers (home/cell) and email address ( if available for easy reach) for future announcements and communications.
• We may also need to send out a friendly reminder to all members to attend the monthly novena and fellowship.

No further business to discuss - meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Report from Parish Pastoral Council

The upcoming Carnival on June 25, 26, 27, is being sponsored by Parish Pastoral Council. Every group in our Parish Community is being represented by having a booth/tent in the Food Concession. It was requested by the Pastor, Fr. Stan, to decorate our booth with Filipino accent, featuring our own culture and our tradition. It is our time to “showcase” our expertise in food and in decoration. Please help Terry Padua and Violeta Angara in the decoration of the booth. The foods that we would like to sell are only limited to: lumpiang shanghai, fried rice and barbeque pork.

We are looking for donors of the above items. We limit our choice of food because of the requirements by the City Board of Health. Application for permit was so rigid that they want us to specify in the application the ingredients, the way it would be cooked and how it would be prepared. It is like applying to be a vendor at Taste of Chicago.

If you received your raffle tickets, please remit your payment as soon as you can. The Carnival Committee needs financial help in order to meet all requirements by the City. We just depend on donations to make this event happens. Please be generous. Some of the members had pitched- in financial donations to cover the First Prize of $1,000 of the Raffles. Thanks for the generosity of the following:
Lino/Vicky - $100 Tony/Josie Bautista - $100 Tony Soriano - $100
Juliana Bibay - $100 Angel/Cora Jimenez - $100 Butch/Nini Centeno - $100
David/Karla Huston - $100 CJ/Rachelle Centeno - $100 Dom/Terry Padua - $50
Santy/Rosie Evangelista - $50 Edgar/Florie Nilayan - $50 Guada/Magda Salazar -$50
Violeta Angara - $50 Joe/Fe Gavilan- $50 Rudy/Sofie del Rosario-?

(Names of those who made pledge early were featured in the insert of our bulletin last Sunday)
I am still short by $900 so if some of you could sacrifice some of your blessings, the committee would appreciate very much. Please make your check payable to St Hedwig Church so that you could use it as tax deductions in your income tax. If you need letter, we could always furnish you.

I know that during this time, everything is very tight in our budget…..but God knows what is in our heart. He will repay your goodness a thousand fold. Anyway, the Blessings we get is His….we are just managing them. Please remember, we do all these for the Glory of God.

It is through the generosity of donors/benefactors/parishioners like you that we are able to offer religious services and programs to our youth, children as well as the adults. Please remember, there is no small donation. Everything is welcomed regardless of what is the amount.

Terry Padua will be submitting the schedule of the volunteers to the Carnival Committee at the meeting on June 15th. I understand some members have expressed the day and time they are available to come. If for some reasons, you will not be able to come and help, your generous donation in cash or kind is very much appreciated. (Beggars are not choosers)

The proceeds of the Carnival are for the Pastoral Projects/Ministries of our Parish for adults, youth and children’s programs.

God Bless You All!
Nini Centeno
Chairman- Parish Pastoral Council

Prepared by: Attested by:

Reynie Lopez Vicky Carmona
Assistant Secretary President

Next monthly novena and meeting – July 3rd, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

July 03, 2010


Tony & Josie Bautista Terry Padua Guadalupe Salazar
Jun & Margie Vasquez Sophie del Rosario Butch & Nini Centeno
Violeta Angara Magdalena Salazar Angie Melchor

The meeting was opened with a prayer read by Violeta Angara. The prayer was Jesus’ prayer to His Father given as a message to Vassula for translation and distribution.

In the absence of Vicky Carmona, the President, who is not feeling well, Nini Centeno presided over the meeting with Terry Padua taking notes.

As there was no prepared Agenda, the first topic discussed was the DOLMA Annual picnic. It was agreed that someone has to call Abe Rufo and/or Pat/Ben Magat to request that they go early to reserve a nice spot at Bunker’s Hill. Also, to make sure that the utensils are available (plates, cups, spoons/fork) and brought at the picnic site. Everybody is being reminded to bring softdrinks or water, desserts, rice and their favorite dishes for the pot luck.

Election of Officers - on the June 5th meeting, a slate of proposed officers was prepared. Copies will be distributed at the picnic to be confirmed/approved. Violeta Angara expressed her willingness to be the Liaison Officer and Chairperson for the Membership Committee.

Invitations to Picnics - MIUSA at the Bunker’s Hill on July 11
Dagupan City Club – Lennie Woods on August 8

St. Hedwig Carnival - Nini Centeno reports that the Carnival was a big success and would like to thank all volunteers with a picnic at the St. Hedwig Church on July 11 at 3PM. There will be barbecue, hot dogs, egg rolls, etc.

Guada Salazar informed the body that the DOLMA group of counters (Terry Padua, Magdalena Salazar, Rosie Evangelista and Guada Salazar) do not want to count anymore the St. Hedwig mass collections for the reason that they have been failing in their commitment to Our Lady of Manaoag on the propagation of faith through the Block Rosary. Fr. Stan, however, is expecting at least a once a month participation.

Nini talked about a visionary, Emma de Guzman. She spoke about the miracles that Emma performed. Violeta confirmed as she has a tape of this visionary. Ms. Emma de Guzman is scheduled at the Immaculate Concepcion Church, by Harlem and Talcott, on July 9 at 7PM for healing sessions.

Parish Pastoral Council Report:

1. The Carnival was a big success in every angle of the project. The success is due to DOLMA’s participation and support. Thank you so much for everything. The Carnival had generated at net proceeds of $13,000+ ( has to be confirmed by Kevin Kucik of Finance Committee and Head of Carnival Finance/Budget). Please wait until it will be published at the bulletin.

There are arguments as to where the proceeds would go but my position and PPC’s position should go to the Pastoral Ministries/Programs. The Finance Committee thinks otherwise. Since it is a parish activity, it was suggested that it would go to the parish coffer and be disbursed in any project according to its priority. As a chairman of PPC, I was disappointed to learn this idea because from the very start, PPC has mentioned to the benefactors, donors and sponsors that the proceeds of the Carnival is to finance the apostolic and spiritual ministries. The decision lies on the Pastor since PPC and Finance Council are just advisory bodies.

2. My term as PPC member is about to end. This coming meeting in July 22, I am going to announce to Fr. Stanislaw, our Pastor that I am going to step down as Chairman of PPC to let others take the position. One of the major reasons why I am stepping down is to give more time to my pressing “full time job”. Chicago, Detroit and Wisconsin Provinces are consolidating and so many things have to be done. My immediate boss passed away last January and just yesterday, the Assistant Treasurer, Fr. Robb, my other boss, died. The two deaths in our office are very traumatic for me. The situation needs my time and my dedication to the work where it puts food on our table. My term as Chairman is just short of few months to finish but because of the surprising events, I have to do what I am supposed to do.

Due to this decision, I am not going to be a Liaison Officer of DOLMA for a while. I am very happy that Dr. Violeta Angara decided to be the Liaison Officer this time. She could do much because she is also a member of Parish Pastoral Council.

3. Again, thank you so much for DOLMA and the members who had supported me all along. It was because of DOLMA that I gained so much strength when members of Finance Committee had expressed their concern about my “ambitious” Carnival Budget. They predicted that “I would be lucky if I get break-even or very very lucky if we get a profit of $5,000”. There were those who accused me straight to my face that I was crazy. Some even told me I was not a professional to head the event. These statements challenged me to work harder and to Trust in God. I prayed so hard to Him and with His grace and guidance, so many good ideas came into my mind. One is to call almost all the members of DOLMA for help. Thanks to all of you….you made everything happen. Where are those who judged me now? The lesson that I have learned from this experience was……be humble and if you put God as the center of any projects… cannot be wrong. He will guide you to the right direction.

There being to other business to transact, the meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

Prepared for:

Reynie Lopez

Treasurer’s Report - Terry Padua distributed copies of the Financial Report showing a
Book Balance of $1,392.65.

Next monthly meeting – August 7th 2010

August 7, 2010

Jun & Margie Vasquez Guadalupe Salazar Magdalena Salazar Ofelia Bonifacio
Joe & Fe Gavilan Terry Padua Florie Nilayan Reynie Lopez
Delfin & Angie Melchor Violeta Angara Lily Angara Ma Tamondong
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Delfin Melchor.
In the absence of the President Vicky Carmona, Margie Vasquez Executive VP presided over the meeting.
Copies of the meeting agenda were distributed and proceeded with the discussion of each item on the agenda.

OLD Business:
• New Officers of the term 2010 – 2012 – see attached copy
• Outgoing officers – thank you for all the hard work and a job well done
• Annual picnic once again a success and earned $27.00 in tong added to our fund.

Treasurer’s Report:
Copies of the financial report were distributed and approved.
Bank balance as of July 31, 2010 = $2,079.49

NEW Business:
• Induction Ball
o Target date either October 8th or 15th depending on the availability of the place
o Suggested place(s) – Holiday Inn in Skokie or Four Points Hotel – Jun Vasquez will inquire
o Suggested attire – Formal or Filipiniana
o Music – Jemini sounds if available
o Overall chairperson – Sofie del Rosario VP Social Affairs or TBD
• Souvenir Programme – Nini Centeno is in charge of the souvenir programme and as approved at the meeting that all members & officers are requested to place an AD for the Induction ball. Your full support and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Ad’s fees information is attached – please note that DOLMA members’ rate are discounted at $80.00 per “full page”
• Dinner Tickets – as agreed by the body that it is much preferred to inform guests of a “prepaid dinner tickets” and DOLMA members are responsible to collect their guests’ payment in order to avoid bottleneck admission and the first paid tickets will be seated in front of the platform.

• Suggested Committees and chairpersons
o Hotel Reservation – Jun Vasquez
o Printed tickets – Butch Centeno
o Souvenir Programme – Nini Centeno
o Reception – Guadalupe Salazar, Ofelia Bonifacio, Angie Melchor
o Seating arrangement – Nini Centeno
o Inducting Officer – Vicky will contact Fr. Stanislaw
o Emcee – Margie Vasquez assisted by myself (yaks!!!! Very stressful!!!)
o Welcome address – Sofie Del Rosario

Other matter:
• Dr. Violeta Angara intends to update our membership contact information. She needs a copy of the latest and greatest listing information
• Monthly meeting minutes will now be emailed to those who have email address on file and will also be read at the meeting, no more mailings – save postage
• Guadalupe Salazar has received the annual raffle tickets from the Congregation of the Resurrection and agreed to purchase 7 tickets in the amount of $500.00 divided among DOLMA members and will be collected at the next meeting

No further business to discuss - meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Prepared by: Attested by:

Reynie Lopez Margie Vasquez
Assistant Secretary Executive VP

Next monthly novena and meeting – September 4th @ 4:00 pm