About Us

DOLMA, otherwise known as the Devotees of Our Lady of Manaoag, is an association of Christians, predominantly Catholics, who are devoted to the Lady of the Holy Rosary of Manaoag. The purpose of the association is to propagate and promote devotion and reverence to the Lady of the Holy Rosary of Manaog among the faithful and the general public. DOLMA undertakes religious, educational, cultural, socio-civic and other related activities in relation and in pursuance to the propagation of the Catholic faith thru devotion to the Lady of Manaoag. The association also engages in charitable projects, renders help and assistance to any member of the association in need of help due to any cause, when such help and assistance are warranted under the circumstances and, do all things that may be necessary for the operation of the association.

In an organizational meeting held on a last Saturday of August, 1992, with some twenty or more devotees of the Lady of Manaoag, spearheaded by sister Florie Nilayan, the DOLMA organization was formed. True to her name "Manaoag," which means "to call," in the Pangasinan dialect, one of the major Philippine dialects spoken in the province of Pangasinan, in a northern part of the Philippines, DOLMA has now grown to more than 125 members coming from all regions of the Philippines.

Membership is free. As a member, one is entitled to all the privileges of a member like to attend, deliberate and participate in the meetings of the association, the right to vote in the election of officers etc., but most important, is the privilege to be a recipient of the graces generated by the participatory and intercessory prayers of the association for all its members and the members of their families.